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Empower Your Health,
Embrace Happiness

Hi, I'm Coach Sarah Russ, a health and happiness coach. I utilize movement, nutrition, mindfulness techniques, and lifestyle routines to help people live their healthiest happiest lives. If you're looking for more than a workout or meal plan, you're in the right place.  

Train Your Nervous System, Transform Your Well-being

What if your workout program trained you to work with anxious or shut down feelings, helped you feel more confident, emphasized healthy boundaries, improved your digestion and sleep, increased vitality, and taught you how to genuinely care for yourself? 

Imagine learning specific tools and techniques to manage stress, science backed ways to improve self talk and self image, stop self sabotage at the same time working on your squat form and creating a healthy culture around food.

Online Workshops
Virtual Nutrition Coaching
At home virtual personal training

Client Experience 

I am someone that struggles with severe driving anxiety, meaning I typically don’t pursue anything that involves driving to meet up with someone. I worked with Sarah without ever having to meet her in person and she truly impacted my life. The work that Sarah does will not only help you feel better in your body, but also in your mind. Have I lost weight in the process? Yes, but the real wins that Sarah helped me achieve are the knowledge around better fueling my body, an open line of communication with my body so I am more aware of what it’s trying to tell me, knowledge of how to move my body properly, and an another tool for working through anxiety. Sarah has made me feel safe throughout the process from the workouts to being able to ask her all the questions and is also a joy to chat with. I am forever grateful for her!

Paige, 32

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