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T4, LLC 


My Journey

My passion is teaching people how to feel strong, confident, happy, and healthy in their bodies! My professional background is as unique as my programs. I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Addictions Treatment. I was a certified snowboard instructor and whitewater raft guide, before becoming a certified personal trainer, Pilates instructor, and nutrition coach at a corporate fitness club. There I specialized in designing healthy weight loss and strength training programs for special populations. After years of helping people lose weight and get fit, but still struggle with consistency due to stress and navigating life's challenges, I knew my programs could do something more.

In 2020, I went into independent practice as a hybrid virtual coach. Now I'm able to provide clients a more holistic lifestyle approach to fitness and overall wellbeing, while ensuring my clients look and genuinely feel their best! I often collaborate with other health professionals, like doctors, chiropractors, and therapist to provide a holistic approach to fitness. With this comprehensive approach I'm seeing the deepest impact in my client's lives!

Your Transformation Process- The T4, LLC way

T4, LLC is my coaching philosophy. The 4 Ts stand for: Teach, Train, Techniques, and Transform. First, we Teach the body a new way. Then we Train the body and work on mastering Techniques needed to Transform how we live, always remembering this work is about Life-Long Change.

Through a variety of physical workouts, behavior modification, and mindfulness techniques we will work together to design a path to your healthiest happiest life.  By focusing on five simple things: food, water, digestion, sleep, and movement, you'll see your life change. In this journey, you will have a unique fitness and nutrition program with simple instructions delivered in a private app. You will receive support from virtual appointments, unlimited email coaching, helpful guidance, lots of encouragement, and additional resources, like book or podcast recommendations. Lastly, I will teach you how to make this a part of who you are; because when you integrate this work into who you are, it creates life long change. My goal is to coach myself out of a job; meaning you have the confidence and knowledge to maintain these changes forever. However, if you want continued support- I"m happy to provide it! Clients often continue working with me because I make it easier to stay on track. " The best part is not having to think about it, I open my app and just do what it says." My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to stay on this path of wellbeing! 

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