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How to be Human: Seminars


How to be Human is an equal partnership between Jessica Dorzek and Sarah Russ. The two partners realized they shared a vision and sense of purpose, to help people be happier healthier humans. By focusing on behaviors that strengthen minds, bodies and self talk, How to be Human set out to create actionable programs for anyone looking to feel less stress, more creative, strengthen connection and communication skills, and looking for personal or professional growth.

Jessica is a Licenced Clinical Social Worker with two decades of experience working with organizations, groups and individuals, specializing in anxiety, depression and obsessive disorders. Her educational background is rooted in mindfulness and behavior change techniques, such as DBT, CBT and Dialectics. Sarah is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutrition Coach with 10 years experience working with clients in a corporate and private gym setting. Her primary coaching focus is incremental behavior change, building  and identity change for sustainable results.

Since combining, the two partners have developed a formula for behavior change that is engaging and practical. Utilizing mindfulness, bodywork techniques and creative story telling to guide participants on a holistic journey towards their healthiest, happiest, most productive and authentic selves. Currently working in a workshop format teaching people how to establish boundaries. The two are in the process of expanding to an app based platform that encompases daily workouts of training the mind, body and self talk through writing. 

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